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SKYHEGLOBAL INC. is a company duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and has been granted a License to Operate by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell food products and health supplements. 

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Professional & Personal

Whether consumer, wholesale customer, or reseller, we treat each customer equally - like a king! We give consistent professional &
personal service which is why we are consistently rated with 5-stars in all our online platforms.

Trusted & Reliable

We have received tons of positive feedback, not only for our products, but for our service as well. We have resellers and customers who have been with us since we began. We continuously seek to improve wherever we can.

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We want to break borders by giving each
Filipino immediate access to the
world’s best products. We want our
consumers to feel as if they were shopping
in different countries at the same time.


SKYHEGLOBAL INC. was created in 2017 when globalization was already supposedly a wide-spread phenomenon. However, in the Philippines, we still saw a huge gap between those who could afford international travel and those who could not. Even until now, international travel is seen as a luxury. Being able to travel abroad meant experiencing certain exclusivities. One of it is having access to global brands and products not available in the Philippines. We were driven by the desire to share these amazing products to our fellow Filipinos. That is why we created SKYHEGLOBAL INC. – to break the exclusivity and give each Filipino access to global products affordably and immediately, as if they were shopping abroad.


SKYHEGLOBAL INC. continues to search for the next big product in the global arena and makes sure the Philippines does not miss out. We partner with international brands, products, and manufacturers in making these products available and affordable in the country, bringing only the best for the Filipinos. With SKYHEGLOBAL INC., the world is at your fingertips.

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